Rockin’ & Rollin’

A WILD @ The Preserve Lesson
Outdoor Education
WILD Curriculum

Our Earth is one giant rock covered in soil! Rocks take a long time to form and just as long to break down. When rocks are broken down by water, wind, and wildlife they can mix with organic material to become soil. Watch the video above to learn about rocks and soil. After you watch the video, discuss the following together: How do rocks become soil? How does soil help our ecosystem? Name three ways we use rocks and minerals.

Navigate the slides above to learn this lesson's WILD WONDERFUL WORDS. You can navigate by hovering your mouse above the image until the arrows on the sides and the dots on the bottom right appear. You may click through using the arrows, or you may jump to a specific slide with the dots. Otherwise, the slides will shuffle through on their own.  After discussing the meaning of each word, find opportunities to use these new vocabulary words throughout the week.

Kari and the kids demonstrate the fun to be had while learning about rocks! Join them as they start a rock band, recite a poem, and don't miss out on our bonus segment - Evelyn's rock jokes!!

Rockin' & Rollin' Additional Resources

Kari reads aloud from Scribble Stones by Diane Alber.

Start your own rock band with our activity guide.

Recite a poem and engage in fingerplay.

Sing along with this rock song.

Check out the Spanish version of Rockin’ & Rollin’ here.