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Project WILD

Teach WILD. Learn WILD. Be WILD.

Project WILD's mission is to provide wildlife-based conservation and environmental education that fosters responsible actions towards wildlife and related natural resource. Developed by TPWD and the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Project WILD's curriculum teaches children how to think and not what to think.

WILD at The Preserve

The I-20 Wildlife Preserve educators have adapted the Project WILD curriculum for all ages, starting at 18 months all the way through highschool. We focus our education program on early outdoor childhood education at the preserve and work with local public school districts to provide nature-based education to older students, both in and outside the classroom.

Outdoor Education in a Virtual World

At the preserve, we work to provide authentic and accessible outdoor education experiences for all ages. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and in an effort to support safe social distancing we have adapted our programs to a hybrid format. We now offer outdoor curriculum instruction, in a virtual format, that may be enjoyed by our students and educators in any outdoor setting. Long after the COVID-19 outbreak subsides, we will have these virtual lesson available and accesible to any who seek an authentic outdoor education experience.

Most recently we have offered a hybrid Growing Up WILD workshop for informal and formal educators. Sharing the Project WILD curriculum with educators allows us to extend the reach of our nature-based education programs. Participation in the workshops earns educators CPE & TEEAC credits, a Growing Up WILD workbook, and tools to adapt the curriculum for any student in any setting. If you or an educator you know is interested in attending one of our workshops, follow this link to be added to our email list and receive news about upcoming workshops.

Life-long Outdoor Education

The Preserve is an 100-acre living laboratory where students and faculty can actively participate in a hands-on learning experience to reveal the mysteries of this unique playa habitat. Our curriculum is a model of expert fieldwork and spurs the scientific curiosity of students who will make meaningful contributions to the next generation of sciences. We encourage starting outdoor education at the youngest age, and carrying the principles learned for a lifetime. If you are interested in participating in our pursuit of life-long outdoor education, please join our iNaturalist project. An exercise in citizen science, with nearly 700 species identified at the preserve, you may be the one to discover the next unidentified species.

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