iNaturalist at the Preserve

With over 1,000 species identified at the Preserve, you will be sure to discover something wild here.
Black-crowned Night Heron
Nycticorax nycticorax

Citizen Science at The Preserve

Our iNaturalist project hopes to encourage you to visit the Preserve and record organisms. Your observations will serve to help us understand what plants and animals occur at The Preserve.

All Species

Immerse yourself in the incredible biodiversity of the Preserve! From tiny insects to towering trees, our ecosystem supports a vast array of species.

All Insects

Dive into the world of insects at the Preserve. From delicate butterflies to industrious ants, our insect population offers a fascinating range of shapes, colors, and behaviors.

Bird Species

Explore the avian diversity of The Preserve. Located in the central flyway, The Preserve hosts a myriad of migratory shorebirds, house finches, and more.

Plant Species

Delve into the rich tapestry of plant life at the Preserve. We practice holistic land management to address invasives like the salt cedar and to improve the native biodiversity.

Reptile Species

Encounter the scaly inhabitants of the Preserve! Find red-eared sliders who frequent the JW pond or the Diamondback Rattlesnakes that provide intrigue to the natural landscape.

Amphibian and Fish Species

Dive into the water and discover the frogs and fish of the Preserve. Check out the invasive American Bullfrog or learn about the Western Mosquitofish.

Lepidoptera Species

Marvel at the colorful butterflies fluttering around the Preserve. A pit stop during the Monarch migration, The Preserve has no shortage of pollinators present.

Odonata Species

Learn about the fast-flying dragonflies and damselflies zipping around the Preserve. Did you know The Preserve’s logo is a dragonfly? An indicator of fresh clean water.

Arachnid Species

Get to know the spiders and other creepy crawlies at The Preserve. They help keep insect populations in check and are fascinating to observe.

Mammal Species

Meet the furry creatures roaming the Preserve. Bobcats, raccoons, eastern cottontail, and more all call The Preserve home.

Join the Cause!

We invite you to become a part of our citizen science community and contribute to the ongoing research and conservation efforts at The Preserve. By sharing your observations and discoveries, you play a vital role in expanding our understanding of the natural world and protecting the diverse species that call our ecosystem home. Whether you’re an experienced naturalist or a curious beginner, your contributions make a difference. Join us in preserving and celebrating the beauty and biodiversity of The Preserve.


To discover more to do at The Preserve visit our calendar page.