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Using Less is a Way of Sharing Resources

Our planet is home to a growing population of 7 billion people and millions of species of wildlife. We have similar basic needs including food, water, and shelter and our planet provides us all with the natural resources needed to meet those needs. As human and wildlife populations increase, the demand for natural resources also increases. If we don't use theses materials wisely, we risk running out of them. In this Growing Up WILD lesson, Kari walks us through the fundamentals of environmentalism. We learn ways we can be conservation conscious and how the Three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) make a BIG impact. Follow along with Kari in this lesson to learn how you can be a good steward of our planet's natural resources.

Watch the video above to learn why Less is More. After you watch the video, discuss the following together: Why is sharing important? How is using less a kind of sharing? Name three ways we can use less, starting today! Think about ways you can use less at home: (1) Use reusable lunch containers for school (2) Use cloth bags for your grocery shopping (3) Turn off the lights when you leave a room Pick one thing to try together.


Less is More Vocabulary

Navigate the slides above to learn this lesson's WILD WONDERFUL WORDS. You can navigate by hovering your mouse above the image until the arrows on the sides and the dots on the bottom right appear. You may click through using the arrows, or you may jump to a specific slide with the dots. Otherwise, the slides will shuffle through on their own.  After discussing the meaning of each word, find opportunities to use these new vocabulary words throughout the week.


Recycling Relay Race

Kari and her kids play a fun recycling-based game. Our community can use less by recycling items including, papers, bottles, and cans so they can be reverted back into raw material and be made into new items. Kari shows us how we can have a good time moving our bodies, enjoying the fresh air, and taking care of our planet by competing in a recycling relay race. Here's how you play: Each team has a box of clean items that can be recycled in our community. The boxes may have glass, aluminum, plastic, or paper recyclables. Team members will take turns grabbing an item from the box, racing to the other side of the play yard, and placing the item in the correct recycling bin. The team that sorts all of their items first wins the race. How fast can your team sort all of the recyclable items?


Found Objects Mobile

Complete the activity above. Discuss together other ways you can reuse items around the house. Can old jars be used to organize craft supplies? Can used paper be repurposed for a paper mache project? What are some items you can think of that can be used in a new way?

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