Chevron Humankind

Chevron encourages employees to support the I20 Wildlife Preserve. This place is wild – the outdoor spirit of the southern high plains is in our heritage.
Flame skimmer dragonfly
Libellula saturata

The I20 Wildlife Preserve is a 100-acre upland forest campus in Midland, Texas. It is a wild space – not a park – managed by a nonprofit organization. The 86-acre urban playa lake is the highlight of the wetlands, floodplain thickets, and prairie grasslands – providing abundant avian, wildlife, and aquatic habitat. As one of the few urban playas protected in its natural state, the preserve is a treasured ecotourism destination of regional significance and a scientific-educational resource of the Permian Basin.

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The Chevron Humankind program will match your donation to the I20 Wildlife Preserve. Donating through the Humankind program essentially doubles your effect to ensure the conservation, restoration, education, research, and outdoor enjoyment of Midland’s urban playa for present and future generations.


The Preserve is an 86-acre living laboratory where students and faculty can actively participate in a hands-on learning experience to reveal the mysteries of this unique playa habitat. Our curriculum is a model of expert fieldwork and spurs the scientific curiosity of students who will make meaningful contributions to the next generation of sciences.


The preserve is used year-round 
by the community as a highly sought-after outdoor recreation destination. Timeworn and often narrow hiking trails create a sense of intimacy with the natural surroundings, and wooden boardwalks allow for safe passage over protected floodplains or wetland areas. Peaceful mornings greet enthusiastic bird and butterfly watchers, and afternoon trail running and walking are everyday wellness activities around 
the playa.


Our holistic land management practice seeks to conserve the vibrant nature of the urban playa environment. Careful removal of invasive plant species opens the watershed to a greater biodiversity of aquatic and avian wildlife, fortifies the ecological integrity 
of native plants and animals, and maintains the wild space for future generations to enjoy.


We depend on volunteers for many of our programs. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to assist with land management, educational programs, and administrative assignments. Please complete and submit the volunteer application application below.

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