Ecotourism at the Playa

We encourage green travel and our Earth-friendly conservation efforts ensure a positive experience for 
all our eco-minded visitors.
Flame skimmer dragonfly
Libellula saturata

If you're in Midland and need some green space, two favorite activities at the Preserve are bird/butterfly watching and trail walking. Nearly four miles of foot–travel trails keep the experience intimate with nature. You’ll share the habitat with horned lizards, dragonflies, butterflies, and hopefully, catch a glimpse of a bobcat or spot that 
one furtive bird species still on your wish list. During the bird/butterfly migration months, it’s hot and sunny here, so head out early and bring sustainable necessities like sunscreen, bug spray, hats, and loose-fitting clothing. Grab your phone, camera, and binoculars – the playa 
is filled with memories ready to be discovered.


Emulating a prairie landscape, the butterfly meadow and gardens are botanical caches of carefully selected flowering plants, shrubs, and native grasses used as food sources or host plants for a variety of butterflies in the region.


A playa lake is a very specific type of wetland in the southern high plains; shallow, round, and most importantly ephemeral. The urban playa of the I20 Wildlife Preserve, with its surrounding feral forest, prairie grasses, and ponds is 
a rich center for biodiversity.


Our holistic land management practice seeks to conserve the vibrant nature of the urban playa environment. Careful removal of invasive plant species opens the watershed to a greater biodiversity of aquatic and avian wildlife, fortifies the ecological integrity 
of native plants and animals, and maintains the wild space for future generations to enjoy.